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This is my first post in two weeks. Why? One word, CAMPING.

It took a week to be ready for a two day camp.  A week of living at the shops making sure we had everything we would need to make sleeping in tents, in the middle of winter a little more cosy and a little less Eskimo.

We needed plastic glasses, towels, storage containers, thermal underwear, wheat bags, the list was apparently endless. Of course the staples of camping, chocolate coated biscuits and marshmallows were not forgotten.

Day one and we were up at 5.30am to make sure we were ready to leave nice and early. We managed to be ready by 9.30am, that’s four hours of madness and mayhem followed by two hours of driving followed by another two hours of madness and mayhem while we set up camp. Once organised it was time for a sit down and a well-deserved coffee followed very closely by a large wine and another and well, you get the picture.

A few wines, a little rain, an open fire, s’mores and the magic started to happen. Maybe it was the wine, maybe the fresh air, or maybe the fact that I hadn’t heard the word ‘mum’ uttered in a really long time but against all odds I started to relax.

Camping_Ballina_with_Winter_family_Blog 2

A little blurry but not bad for hand held at night

The next morning dawned a perfect day for camping, no rain, no wind, and no annoying drunk woman with a foghorn mouth in the tent behind us.

We ambled through a lazy morning going for a walk, cooking breakfast and enjoying not having anything to do. A walk to the beach was the highlight of my day, playing with the camera and watching the girls enjoy themselves.


That night, more wine and s’mores capped of a lovely day before…

…the madness and mayhem of packing in the rain, a two hour drive home, unpacking and putting the tents back up in torrential rain to dry.

Camping_Ballina_Winter_family_Blog 4

I’ve learned a few things from my two nights under the canvas. Here are my top observations and tips.

  1. Two nights or two weeks you still need the same mountain of gear.
  2. When setting up a camp toilet in the corner of the tent for night time visits make sure the seals are not leaking.
  3. Have the camp manager’s number programmed into your phone. It will make calling him in the middle of the night about drunken women with foghorn voices a lot easier.
  4. Get a good look at those stars while you can it may rain for the rest of your time in the outdoors.
  5. Peg down those tents well enough to withstand fairly strong winds.
  6. Take plenty of wine.

One last thing and one we were lucky with. If you go camping with another family make sure they are seasoned campers who are easy to get along with, there will be things you don’t have that you can borrow. It also makes sitting around the campfire far more pleasurable.

Have you had any memorable camping trips?

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