Worst Day Ever

Worst Day Ever

Before Lulu’s worst-day-ever she was an energetic, young, eight year old girl. She was full of life with absolutely no fear of anything. She did tumbling, trampoline, Aikido, swimming. She slid down slides, and climbed up slides.  It was the climbing up slides that led to her falling and breaking her arm.

This series of shots were taken the day before her worst-day-ever.

Tuck Jump

Split pike

Receiving a medal

Now Lulu is a not so energetic, young, eight year old girl.  She is still full of life but instead of fearlessness there is caution. Lulu’s cast has just been removed and the enormity of what lies ahead has been revealed. Her arm is like the arm of a rag doll, the ligaments have tightened so she is unable to straighten it. That will come right. Her thumb has lost some of its movement.  That may not come right. She also has extensive scaring.  That will improve but will always be there.

If I let too many thoughts in about how our beautiful daughter is now changed forever I will drown in those thoughts just as she sometimes does.  Occasionally, at night when she is tired, it is all too much for her.  During the day she is tough, resilient and sees the future which for me is blurry.

Still beautiful

We have a lot of hard work to do to help Lulu get back to being as energetic as she was.  There is a sense that the direction of her life has altered slightly and I know that once she has healed she will embrace the new path that she is on. I have no doubt that she will regain her energy and enthusiasm for all things.

Her words to me the other night were: “Mummy, I wish this had never happened but there is one good thing. I will never climb up a slide again in my life.”

Is it just me or does that seem a little sad?


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