Where Has My Baby Gone?

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Where has my baby gone?  In the words of Los Bravos

“Black is black,
I want my baby back.
It’s grey, it’s grey,
since she went away”

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My little girl has almost gone.  There are glimpses of her when she is tired or feeling insecure and needs a cuddle from mum but mostly her energy goes into telling me exactly where I went wrong and keeping up with what her friends are eating for dinner on her ipod.

Her favourite two words at the moment are ‘Aw Mum’ said while rolling her eyes and soaked in a large dose of patronisation as if I am some sort of blithering idiot who only stepped foot on the earth yesterday.


She is mature and yet still so young. Her maturity shows in her unique insight into how relationships work.

The other day she was telling me about a friend who parents were fighting.  Not just verbally but physically as well.  When one of the daughters challenged them and said they should separate the parent’s response was that they need to be together for their children.

“How can they think that letting their kids see them fighting like that is what’s best for their kids?” was Molly’s response.

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She has such a calm almost detached approach to her own associations and her intuition into the inner workings of relationships is way beyond her years. There are many moments when I feel compelled to ‘high five’ Pete for at least getting something right.

On the other hand it seems I only have to look at her slightly sideways and she’s bursting into tears and sobbing as if she were the only girl in the world and Justin Bieber were the only boy.

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Those buckets they have at water parks that slowly fill with water then randomly tip their cold wet contents over your head.  That’s how it is living with Molly at the moment. You never know when the water works will start and you’ll be covered with the contents.



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