When Children Become Human And There’s An Ap To Do Your Housework

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I love writing this blog.  It is one of my favourite things to do. It presents me with a dilemma though.

It’s not difficult finding material to write about the real bother I have is of a different kind and one I am sure many mothers out there can identify with. That is lack of available time to dedicate to the thing I truly love to do.

I get up every morning at 5 am and exercise for an hour.  This is essential to my mental and physical health and therefore essential also to the wellbeing of those close to me. This is also when I walk Diesel.  Getting up before 5.00 is also not optional, I am already grim at this time of the morning, any earlier and I would be positively vile.

Once I finish exercising it’s the daily routine of: washing, breakfast, hair brushing and styling, homework checking, locating shoes, lectures on punctuality, leaving the house, returning to the house, leaving the house again and the eventual trip to school.

If I’m not grocery shopping or helping in the school tuckshop the rest of the day gets taken up with usual household stuff which will normally take until it’s time to pick up the girls. I try to have everything including dinner done before I head back to the school because after school is when I become taxi driver, teacher, parent, mediator, and coach. All this and heaven too, how lucky am I.

A couple of days a week I can manage to claw enough time out of the usual routine in which I can sit down to write.  More often than not something happens to interrupt this time.

A couple of days ago it was a beautiful sunny morning, so with my coffee I sat down to dedicate some time to writing.  I opened my admin site up and noticed there was an update to my theme I needed to do.  With sinking heart I launched into getting it done.

“Maybe it won’t take long.” I was silently praying. It seems anything slightly technical that needs doing and you can guarantee that everything that can possibly go wrong will. Those of you that read this blog will remember my attempts at trying to network our computers in my blog Computers Rule.

Three hours later I had performed the backup but my site was broken and I was frantically trying to fix it with one eye on the clock and the possibility that I was heading for a complete lapse into insanity which according to Molly and Lulu is where I spend most of my time anyway.  So, business as usual.

Dinner that day was a cooked chicken from the supermarket and a quick salad and look out anyone who complained, I was ready with a chopstick to poke their eyes out.  The girls ordered tuckshop for their lunch the next day which is a treat for them but somehow always makes me feel as if I have failed in my duties.

I still haven’t got my site completely back to the way it was. I will go back to fixing it once I get a few more blog entries under my belt.

I know the successful bloggers out there would tell me that housework can wait well of course that’s why they are successful but I have always been one to want the moon and expect the stars as well  I guess I still need to find that balance.

A lot of my time goes on things such as making things from scratch such as bread, yoghurt and cereal.  Pete and I have both found that since doing this we both have a lot more energy so this is not something on which I am willing to compromise.  When you get to 50 you take the help where you find it. You know that inside every 50 year old theres a 30 year old wondering what the hell happened. It’s that 30 year old that I am encouraging to show up from time to time.

Anyway until such time as my children become humans and there’s and ap which will do your housework then I guess I have to make do with writing when I can.

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