Wednesday Woes

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This has very definitely been one of those weeks we would all rather forget. I got the call from school on Wednesday around lunchtime. You know the one where you just know it’s not going to be good and you can forget getting the rest of that work done.

Lulu had hurt her ankle. She was O.K for a while but it had gotten worse so ‘the call’ was made. According to the office lady, it didn’t seem too bad.  Long story short, after an afternoon waiting in a sweltering Doctor’s surgery (my favourite thing to do) where the heating was turned up hotter than a dragons fart, we found out a big fat nothing.

The poor wee mite was in a lot of pain so we decided to take her to emergency to have it x-rayed (my next favourite thing to do).  I am sure I speak for many parents when I say the notion of spending hours in an emergency room is one we don’t look upon with eager anticipation. Yep I’m on first name basis with most of the staff in the emergency room, it almost feels like coming home (attempt at sarcasm).

Lulu was eventually x-rayed and to her delight was given a wheel chair to get around the hospital in. In Lulu’s world the prospect of a broken ankle was nothing compared to that of doing wheelies around the hospital corridor.

By 11.00pm that night, after being told the x-rays had revealed no break but that they still couldn’t rule it out, a very weary Lulu and I made our way home.  Well at least I was weary; Lulu was positively delirious and kept up a continuous stream of chatter all the way home.

She was all “OH MY GOD WILL DAD STILL BE AWAKE WHEN WE GET HOME.  OH MY GOD THAT WHEEL CHAIR WAS SO COOL. OH MY GOD I AM TIRED.” And I was all “Oh my god I’m tired too and why don’t you try to sleep, pleassssssse.”

We gratefully headed off to bed and I woke up the next morning feeling like death. No surprise here, I’d just spent half the night in a room full of children coughing and spluttering like two pack-a-day smoker fresh out of bed. I haven’t had a cold for several years so I was not happy about having one now. Lulu at home for the day, me miserable with a cold and everyone’s tempers extremely frayed, oh joy!  We headed off early to the Physiotherapist who taped up Lulu’s ankle and loaned her some crutches. That man is a godsend. Now, going to school was going to be totally worth it to Lulu.  How jealous all her friends would be and she would get to sit on a chair instead of the mat!

She hopped into school on her crutches taking great care not to put weight on her foot.  When I picked her up that afternoon she was close to walking normally.  Mmm, what should a mother make of it?  How do we judge what pain a child is feeling?  My philosophy is: go with the worst, adjust as necessary, and avoid the emergency room like the plague; or should that be avoid the emergency room or you might get the plague?


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