To Insure Or Not To Insure

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If you want to fart in comfort while staying in hospital, insurance is a must.  I will explain.

This week Lulu and I spent a night in hospital. Unfortunately she needed another operation as part of the bone in her arm is not playing ball and healing.

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The doctor decided that the best opportunity to promote healing was to do a bone graft. He took a piece of bone from her wrist and inserted it between two parts of bone at the sight of the break. It all sounds really complicated and nasty but actually compared to the first operation to put her broken arm back together was like a lazy walk in the park on a Sunday afternoon. For the surgeon that is. For Lulu this time the anesthetic seems to have taken its toll and she is taking much longer to become human again.

We have health insurance.  We have this insurance especially for times like this. So if we need to spend a night in hospital we get to have a room to ourselves where we can rest, have privacy and if the need arises, fart with no one else to hear but any nurse with bad timing.

Regrettably something went wrong in the admittance process and we ended up in the public wards. Our room had three beds in it; all occupied each with one parent also in attendance.  One particularly impudent young lad who would rather have been anywhere else other than hospital spent a lot of time talking, loudly, and not nearly enough time resting and his mother spent a lot of time talking back to him, loudly, and not nearly enough time telling him to rest.

Sleep was always going to be a challenge, but the noodles I had for dinner made for an even greater challenge. They upset my stomach causing a rather bad case of intestinal gas. How does one pass wind quietly in a bathroom attached to a room with six people in it in the dead of night when all else is quiet including the loud talking kid and his mother.

I need to make the point here that the care on these wards is exceptional and equal in every way to the private wards.

It is the extras that are missing. Extras like: the private room with en suite where one can do whatever one wants, farting included, without an audience; a well-stocked parent’s kitchen with snacks and not one polystyrene cup in sight and movies to help keep your child’s mind off what they have been through.

The operation went well but I have seen what a difference having your own private space makes. Lulu hardly slept at all which, I am sure, is not beneficial to the healing process. In previous times she has managed to have a good night’s sleep and feel far better in the morning. I am convinced that the reason for her prolonged recovery from this surgery is due, in part, to the bad start she had.

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We are through the woods now and starting down the road towards Lulu’s arm finally healing.  I am convinced now more than ever that medical insurance, especially the hospital stay cover, is a necessity that we cannot do without.



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