The Week That Was

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It was nice to see Lulu and Molly take a break from squabbling long enough to enjoy each other’s company when Lulu walked up to the bus stop this week to meet Molly after school. That’s Lulu with Molly’s Hat on.
Five minutes after they walked in the door Molly looked slightly sideways at Lulu and it started:
“What are you looking at?”

“Not you, why would I want to look at you? I have much nicer things to look at.”


On Wednesday morning I wasted two hours waiting for my car to be serviced because I wasn’t organised enough to take my laptop. I spent the time stalking people on Facebook which is never good because other people’s lives always look way more interesting than mine. On the upside the coffee was good so I went home depressed and hyped up all set to do some housework which made me even more depressed but tackled the housework like one of those crazy wind-up toys.

Later in the week I was tuck shop volunteer, the parent part of parent/teacher/student interviews and nurse in charge of tending to post flu, vaccination, discomforts.

In other news Lulu is looking more and more like my mum.

MumLulu wheel barrow 

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How was your week?

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  1. They are awesome photos and what a great comparison. Very clever! They are real snapshots of their wonderful personalities.

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