The Great Time Wasting Debacle

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The girls’ school photos came back. As the cost of a photo package is obscenely expensive we always make a few copies and send them off to relatives and friends.

Easy you think? Well maybe for some but for two time-poor, stressed out, techno wannabes not so much. It took us three hours. Time which we can’t ever get back and time which could have been put to much better use. Of course things could be a little easier if I could remember each time what I did last year but that gets much harder each year that goes by.

SchoolPortrait        Lulu School Photo 13 Black and White


The reason we have one in colour and one in black and white is because an idiot who may or may not have been me, deleted the colour version. 

The photographer that the school uses conveniently sends out a digital copy of the photo for you. Very handy, all we have to do is print it off.  Only the copy is exceptionally bad compared to the original.

O.K. we think, we can play around with it a little, change the contrast, etc. An hour later we have something that will do. It’s not great but we can live with it.

Right input the size we want, and hit print.  Problem number two, they don’t print out exactly the right size.  Another hour of playing around with sizing and we get it nearly right.

It’s at this point I remember what I did last year, which would have been helpful an hour ago. In the past I have scanned the actual photo.

Good, so we scan the photo and all we need to do is print a test but we only have A4 photo paper and that stuff is expensive. We’ll just put four on a page, easy. NOT EASY people, another hour later and we’ve given up and so print them separately.


That’s three hours and finally we have some copies we can use, the print cartridges at $23 a pop (there are five) are now nearly empty and they were at least half full when we started.

Next year I’m taking them down to Big W to scan and copy for about 13 cents each. Should cost us $1.30 at the most. I will just need to remember that that’s the plan.

In the time we took to do the wretched photos we could have watched a movie, or gone for a bike ride, or reorganised the kitchen cupboards.

Does technology sometimes ‘do your head in’?


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