The Great Beach Artwork Challenge

Most of our Christmas break in New Zealand was spent at a typical kiwi batch with no phone, television or Wi-Fi connection. What you do for entertainment is as wide ranging as your imagination.

It may be as simple as chatting or reading.  It could be playing cards, charades or inventing cocktails. By the way playing cards and drinking cocktails do not necessarily go together. Or as in this instance things can get a little more adventurous.

After commenting on a rather nice wall hanging that was made entirely from stuff found on the beach the great ‘beach artwork challenge’ was devised.

The rules were simple. All except one element had to be found on the beach or around the outside of the batch. The one element that came from inside the batch had to be something that the batch could do without for at least one week.

There were three teams of three and we had one hour to complete our artworks.  Sounds easy right? Only if you don’t intend hoisting a ten ton iron girder into a tree. Bear with me while I elaborate.

We all headed off in different directions. Twenty minutes into the challenge and one of my team mates and I were wobbling home holding the above mentioned girder between us. It crossed my mind that this was not something that women my age would commonly be doing but then many of the choices I’ve made in life have often been questionable.

Disaster struck for us when the bag that was carrying all the extra bits and pieces broke. My team mate Morten (affectionately renamed Mortimer during our stay) and fellow iron girder carrier was quickly dispatched to bring a car back.

After eventually arriving back at the batch we found everyone industriously going about their designs.

When the end of the challenge was signaled the results were surprisingly good.

Artwork_Challenge_Auckland_12 (1)


Love the layering and colours in this spectacular piece.



Artwork_Challenge_Auckland_12 (4)


Here we have practicality and design. I am sure editor Neale Whitaker would agree this design would look good gracing the pages of Belle magazine.

Artwork_Challenge_Auckland_12 with annotation


The photo does not show the practical aspect of this design. The bottles were filled with water to exacting levels by our resident audio expert Morten so as to give a nice musicality when the wind blows.  If the wind is not blowing you can shake the fishing line (covered by seaweed) to get the same effect.

The challenge was judged by all challenge participants but for me the results were not as important as the fun we had participating.

The Mangawhai Slings were well earned that night!


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