The Friday Drudge

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I used to love Fridays, the grind of the week behind me and the promise of the weekend ahead. I’d get all my chores up-to date beforehand leaving Fridays for living and enjoying.

Back in the day, working in the Health department in New Zealand I would save up my time (I was on glide time) and take a two hour lunch, Mum would come in and we would do a spot of shopping. Those are the memories that are so special to me now.

Fast forward a few years to when I was selling real estate. We would often have a long leisurely lunch with lots of wine then go back to work for a couple of hours before meeting at the local. I made all my best sales on Friday afternoons.

Somehow or other Fridays have become a day of drudgery.  I like to have the house clean and tidy for the weekend which means I spend a lot of the day doing routine chores etc. If I tried to pinpoint a time when things changed it would be when the children were born. Definitely not their fault, just one of the trials of being a parent. You tend to give up the things you love to fit everything in. It’s just easier that way.

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The day starts with walking the dog at the totally ridiculous time of 5.30am. It needs to be this early so I can fit everything else into the day.

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After the walk I force myself to do some floor exercises. These are necessary to keep some sort of check on my ever increasing waist line and turkey flap arms.

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A highlight of the day is breakfast.  Homemade muesli and gloop (translation -healthy smoothie), that’s the green stuff in the glass.

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If it’s a school day the girls need to be at school by 7.30am for choir, otherwise it’s straight into the chores. By the time I have done these and run a few errands it is time to pick the girls up. Then comes the time of day I most dislike. Emptying school bags, herding children into showers, making tea. If I am quick while the girls are watching a spot of T.V I get time to sit down at my computer before making tea for Pete and me.

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In stark contrast is the life of my children.

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A leisurely lunch with a friend.

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Perhaps a spot of dancing.


A little entertainment maybe.

Writing this has encouraged me to make an effort to get more done earlier in the week so I can make Fridays for me and have the chance to look forward to them again. I think it is important to make sure you have time for yourself and what better day than Friday before having everyone home for the weekend.

What are your Fridays like? Are they fun or drudgery?


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