The English Connection

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Sunday was a day of celebration. Pete’s sister Betty has her daughter and family staying with them all the way from England. It is an opportunity for Betty and her husband Rob to spend time not only with their daughter but their only granddaughter as well.

As usual when we get together there are shenanigans.

"Hey you, lady photographer, do you want these glasses down or up."

“Hey you, lady photographer, do you want these glasses down or up.”

Through it all Rebecca was the star of the show stealing the limelight without too much trouble.

There were impromptu photos, with Rebecca of course.

"Glasses down it is then."

“Glasses down it is then.”

There was wine.

Family day blog(2)

There was beer.

Family day blog (4)

A bit of acting the goat.

Family day blog (3)

Some rugby player wannabes.

Family day blog (5)

Even Dame Edna stopped by.

Family day blog (6)

There was not one person taking things too seriously.

Family day blog (7)

A great day was had by all with some special memories to be added to the family history.


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  1. Nice to see a part of my family at the other side of the world.
    Lots of fun to you all…

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