Talking To Yourself: Crazy Or Ingenious?

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When I was growing up I remember it being said that talking to yourself is the first sign of madness, or having hairs on the palm of your hand.

I know you looked!


Lately, I have caught myself regularly having a good old conversation with me;

After accidentally cutting someone off in a car park he makes a huge deal of it tooting his horn and gesticulating in a very rude way.

Me – “It was an accident you douchebag!”

Me again – “You should run over him when he gets out of his car.”

Me – “No, that’s not a good idea.”

Me again – “Why?”

Also me – “Oh, you know it would be messy, blood and guts everywhere and well, it’s murder.”

Okay so maybe my conversations with myself aren’t as crazy as this but you get the picture better I talk it out than act on it. I do, however, find myself checking things off as I go or geeing myself up to get on with it.

By the way, I looked up ‘douchebag’ in the Urban Dictionary, hilarious.

Each time I have realised I was conversing with myself I have made a conscious effort to stop. Isn’t talking to yourself only for lonely or senile people? I started to speculate though; perhaps it isn’t that ridiculous. So I hit Google to find out more.

[bctt tweet=”Talking to yourself can ease loneliness but it can also be a very constructive thing to do.” ]

Make it positive talk though, don’t fall into the trap of using the first person. Remember YOU are listening so saying things like “I’m an idiot” or “I am hopeless at this” is not beneficial.

Here are some things to keep in mind for your solo conversations:

  1. Refer to yourself as you – it works better if you can think of yourself as another person.
  2. Be positive – tell yourself that you have done or are going to do a good job. There is so much you do that will never be seen and appreciated so fill that gap and give yourself an auditory pat on the back.
  3. Be motivational – eg: tell yourself that getting out of bed to exercise now will help your health. Take care to do it kindly though, you’re not a drill sergeant.
  4. Debate the pros and cons of an issue or choice you are having difficulty with –  Try debating both sides out loud. It will help clarify your thoughts and you may be surprised at the direction you take.
  5. Let your anger out – that person that absolutely gets under your skin so you can’t see straight. Rather than confront them and cause issues, let that anger out by rebuking them in private.
  6. Learn a new skill or improve an old one – repeating out loud boosts focus and memory, improving your learning ability.
Talking To Yourself: Crazy Or Ingenious?

Lulu in deep conversation with herself

You know what you have to do. Go out and start talking to yourself. I do suggest you don’t do it around other people. Unfortunately, it’s not accepted as ‘normal’ and you don’t want to end up on the wrong side of the door at your local mental health institution.

Do you talk to yourself and if so what do you say?

Talking To Yourself: Crazy Or Ingenious?


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