Self-Pity, Drug Of Choice

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I am a drug addict and my choice of drugs is self-pity.

This past week I have found it difficult to find anything much to be grateful for.

Tonight I sat at my computer surfing when something struck me. I have had such an awful week and I have been concentrating on that rather than the good stuff.

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Self-pity is like a drug; it’s addictive, gives fleeting pleasure and is divorced from reality. With a herculean effort I broke from its grasp and concentrated on what was good with the week instead:

Talking with my sister in New Zealand via Skype as though she were here sharing time with us;

Another clear check-up at the breast clinic;

We all four have good health;

We can afford for me to stay at home to care for the girls;

It rained finally so we get to keep the garden alive a little longer;

Molly and Lulu are currently cackling at something on the T.V. and the sound is soul-lifting.

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Koretoshi Maruyama founder of Aikido Yuishinki said:

I am mind itself.

If I hold positive thoughts in my mind, good things are likely to happen.

Holding negative thoughts in my mind works against my best interests.

Therefore, even if my body suffers physically, my mind remains optimistic.

Even if I encounter obstacles, my mind is never defeated.

Daily I fill my heart with thoughts of joy, gratitude and hope.

I face each new day with a bright and optimistic spirit,

which I express in word and deed.

I have faith in life, and life responds in kind.”


I guess it takes practice to eliminate the negative and hold onto the positive. We get busy and it’s easier to maintain familiar habits. I like the idea that good things are likely to happen. I am going to give it a go and see where it takes me.


Do you struggle with negativity?


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