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Every year for Mother’s day, Molly and Lulu have taken money to school to spend at the Mother’s day stall. Every year I open the gift exclaiming how wonderful it is. Every year I surreptitiously, after a respectful amount of time, stow the gift in a drawer.

This year, after discovering my drawer, they both decided of their own accord not to spend at the school stall but to spend a little money on some select treats they know I like and leave me to spend a little money on myself.

Best laid plans and all that. Lulu is a push over when presented with pretty pink packages carrying pretty bottles of perfume. The last I saw of her on Thursday at school drop off was her blonde head bobbing down towards the stall at break neck speed with a resolute look of determination on her face and the eight dollars I knew Pete had given her in her pocket. It would take a cold heart indeed to dissuade her from her mission.

On the morning of Mother’s day the gift giving commenced. Dark chocolate coated coffee beans from Molly, score.Mother's day blog (1)Beautiful handmade chocolates from Peter, score.Mother's day blog (3)

This package from Lulu.

Mother's day blog (2)

I was stunned by her beautiful wrapping. She truly had spent a lot of time and effort and was so excited to give it to me.

Inside was perfume and body lotion with this label on the box clearly stating that the perfume was imitation. I wonder if Vera Wang knows that you can buy eight dollar knock-offs of her fragrances.

Seeing Lulu’s expectant face it occurred to me, So what if it is a copy or the real thing it really is the thought that counts. What truly matters is that this little girl saw something that she loved and if she loved it she was certain I would also love it. So she bought it, spent ages wrapping it beautifully and making a thoughtful homemade card to go with it. I’d say that was an absolute score.

What did you score on your day?

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