Scoffing Cheesecake In Paradise

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Hell was full so I’ve returned. In truth I haven’t been quite as far as hell but through my half open eyes it sure looked like the highway that leads there.

Life for our family has been more than a little manic and difficult since the beginning of September. Thank god for my sister and her wife who were here to share the load and lighten the mood for three of those weeks. While they were here we spent a week in a unit on the Sunshine Coast doing nothing. Our time was shared (not equally) between; walking, the beach, the spa, eating and drinking. I am fairly certain the spa, the drinking, and definitely the eating got more than their fair share of attention. It was a much needed break for everybody.


The cheesecake mentioned in the tagline of my banner was aptly named ‘the never ending cheesecake’ and is pictured looking a little worse for wear. All six of us had at least three pieces of that cake and I think we were all relieved to see the final crumb disappear between Lulu’s lips. For those interested, the recipe can be found here although I use the base from here and instead of all those nuts I use some linseed meal to help balance out the Omega 6s. I also use a lot less sweetener than is suggested.

The last term of school was difficult for all of us due to Molly experiencing insomnia which sometimes saw her (and me) still awake at 2am. Of course if you are still awake at that time of the morning it is unlikely that you would be in any fit state to go to school. On occasion she was able to drag herself into school after several nights of very little sleep but I would hazard a guess that her school work would not have been up to the standard expected.

We are now seeing a psychologist and things seem to be improving for Molly but we have had and probably still will have some dark days. It is hard to have a positive attitude when you’re so busy concentrating on propping up your eyelids but of course I am committed to seeing her through this difficult time and as such other areas of my life have suffered a little.

There is more to this story which I will share in future posts. For now however it is great to be pounding the keys again.

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  1. Hi Jane

    I am concerned with this post and although you claim to be now in a good place, please give me a call if you want a load shared or just want to catch up for a cuppa.


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