And so it begins, exactly where it ended, in paradise. Beach walking is the perfect remedy for a mind trapped inside itself. It is a place to find clarity of thought, and to mend broken paths.

I have been angry and lost. It took walking, talking and a lot of self-examination to find a tiny flicker of light in the dark. If this all sounds a little, well, trite then trite it is. I can’t think of any other way to describe the change I have been through in the last few months.

Beside my family, of course, writing is what I most love, close behind would be Aikido and photography. I have somehow managed to continue with my Aikido training but writing my blog posts and taking photos to enhance them stopped at the end of our last holiday.

Walking along that beach in the morning and talking, we chopped, diced and shredded our lives and made the decision that we had to do things a differently. What is it Einstein said?

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”

So here I am writing my first post after spending two solid weeks rejuvenating my site. I will not deny it has been a long, arduous process with problems to overcome every step of the way but I enjoyed every minute of it.

I now look forward to the day and don’t resent the mundane such as housework and taxiing the girls here there and everywhere.

There are sacrifices. The house won’t be as well organised and clean, I say “no” more often to the girls but they are sacrifices I think I can learn to live with.

So, what can you expect? More of the same but with an emphasis on nutrition and the journey Peter and I have taken towards rejuvenating ourselves while in nutritional ketosis. There will also be the usual smattering of humour, photos, recipes, parental anecdotes, rants and reviews of anything I believe has improved our lives.

I have provided a few photos to help breathe some life into this rather arid post which by the way were taken by our budding photographer, Lulu.





If you have any questions or suggestions on anything I have mentioned please leave a comment.


4 Comments on “Rejuvenation”

  1. Hi jane – the new look layout is great! I have been missing catching up on your lives and seeing your beautiful photos of your family and was wondering if facebook was no longer sending me the link (or whatever the technical term for this is)! Nicola x

    1. Facebook is working fine Nicola, it was me that wasn’t. All systems go again. So glad you read my posts, you may well be the only one! Good luck for Gallipoli.

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