Reaching Sixty

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Last weekend we celebrated my brother-in-law Rob’s 60th birthday.

Reaching 60 years of age is a major milestone and one that should be celebrated, after all today sixty years ago, the hydrogen bomb was being developed, the polo vaccine was still in its trial stages with epidemics on the rise and cigarettes were reported as causing lung cancer. The chances of something impeding your march towards your senior years were fairly high.

Sixty is a time to start enjoying life. This is the time of life when a night in front of the telly with hot drink beats a night out at a club with a hot date. A time when you’re comfortable in your own skin, your Robert Redford good looks may have disappeared but then so have his.

Of course you have to be careful; I mean you can now never completely trust those farts and you need to make the choice between dancing to the bedroom with your wife or dancing in the bedroom with her because doing both could cause a major injury.


Of course I jest, well done Rob and for your 60th we bought you a pair of balloon ears!


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