Quit Sugar Now! Right Now! Go On, Get On With It!

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Do it! Quit Sugar Now! Right Now!

Okay. To all of you lurking behind your screens reading this blog and thinking:

“I’ll get round to that someday, maybe as next New Year’s resolution.”

“Yes, I’d love to give up sugar but what would I do with that half a cheesecake in the fridge.”

“It all sounds too hard, what would I eat?”

The proverbial gauntlet is down, daring you, goading you, whatever it takes to stop dreaming and take that first step towards a healthy, vital life.

I want you to do this!

I challenge you to give up sugar for ONE WEEK.

That’s it. ONE WEEK, Only seven days, the blink of an eye in our house.

You know how fast a week goes, we just seem to get up on a Monday pull on our trackies and stagger into the kitchen for that life-giving cup of tea and BOOM! Like some sort space travelling, scarf wearing, time lord stuck in your own version of Ground Hog Day you’re getting up on the following Monday.

Follow my tips on quitting sugar in this post to help. These are things I have learned throughout my journey.

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What do you get out of this? Well if you enter your e-mail below you get my extra tips. I am also offering my time.  If you need a question answered or some positive words of encouragement leave a comment and I will endeavour to help steer you in the right direction. If that isn’t generous enough should you continue past this week and carry on you will also get:

Clearer skin.

Better sleep.

Weight loss and better muscle tone.

More energy.

Lessened menstrual or menopause symptoms.

A more controlled hunger reflex.

This week will not be easy; it is the week that you will experience withdrawals. Embrace them; see them as the bridge to a better life.

After a week you can decide if you want to continue on and be free of this drug forever or, and I hope you don’t, you can go back to the way things were.

So off you go, get on with it. I’ll see you back here in a while.Before you go though don’t forget to sign up for the bonus tips.


2 Comments on “Quit Sugar Now! Right Now! Go On, Get On With It!”

  1. Woohoo! Go you! Very inspirational. I did Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar detox and quit sugar for quite some time. I needed to recalibrate because I was seriously out of control with sugar. Boy were the withdrawals a killer!! Anyway, I do eat sugar now but in moderation 🙂

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