Perkier Boobs? Less Facial Hair? A Night With Ryan Gosling? What Is It You Really Want?

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Perkier Boobs? Less Facial Hair? A Night With Ryan Gosling? What Is It You Really Want?


What is that one thing that you really want in life?

This is my question to you.

You are a woman who is past the point when you will have any more children. Maybe you never had children but you’re past the time when you would have had them.

Had you had them.


I should seriously stop writing when the red comes out!

So, you have or haven’t had your children. Your life is one long routine. Get up, witlessly poke your fingers into holes to plug the leaks, go to bed.


What is the one thing that would improve your life?

It might be some aspect of your health you would like to improve.

Perhaps it is some physical thing that you feel is lacking from your life.

Maybe you’d just be happy to snuggle next to Ryan Gosling on the couch for a night.

Whatever it is, whisper it in my ear, shout it out loud, write it down.

Let’s share what is really bothering us.

I thought I would start the ball rolling and be the first to put up.

I consider myself to be a little jammy. Not in the smeared-with-that-sugar-loaded-stuff-in-a-jar way but in the fortunate way. I have found the one thing that gives me; heart pulpatations, a reason to get up and keep going.

For now anyway, because that elusive Eden we seek changes.

When I was in my twenties and thirties just knowing the real me would have been perfect. I am sure it wasn’t that girl in the mini skirt tottering around on high heels and batting her eyelids at males in pants.

I spent way too much time being someone else.

Now I am in my fifties I am well aware of who I am but since Molly and Lulu have become more independent I am at a point where I want to give less of myself away and keep more for me.

And here it is. This blog. Something that I am proud of and enjoy every day.

Not longer legs, less facial hair or perky boobs although they would be great. God? If you’re listening.

For you it may be something a little more abstract.

Come on, don’t be afraid. Spit it out. We are a supportive community here.

6 Comments on “Perkier Boobs? Less Facial Hair? A Night With Ryan Gosling? What Is It You Really Want?”

    1. Ah! Yes fear becomes less of a problem the older you get. If you can let go of it is very freeing, you move forward faster. I probably like myself a lot more now than I did in my twenties. If you can find those two things in your twenties life will be very enjoyable indeed

  1. It’s a very good question! How long have you got! Seriously though, after Allys cardiac arrest I think differently about a lot of thing’s. Mainly health! But I am going through a process of investigating ways to improve that.
    I do sweat the small stuff, at times, but I try really hard to let things go quickly and only now, am starting to understand what small stuff is. I do think we wise up as we get older.

    1. Yes, that is something I have practiced. I think Aikido has helped. I find I let a lot of the small stuff go now and there is better harmony in the household. Finding something that you really enjoy to focus on helps I think. I am lucky to have found two.

  2. Sounds like you are in a great place Jane – I enjoy reading your posts – funny and informative. The biggest thing that is bothering me at the moment is Andrew having to go away to work. If we down size slightly then he wouldn’t have to do as many swings and we could travel more! We continue to ponder this one.

    1. It is difficult to find a balance between work and life. For me, it is not so much about where we live and more about how we live. We work hard to make things easy and convenient so as to allow for quality down time which is important when there is so little of it.s

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