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I was just drifting off to sleep after an enjoyable training session at Aikido when it struck me that I would like to write a post about passion and what I think it means to have it in your life. So here goes.


Many of us live life as if on auto pilot, sticking to the routine while enjoying minor deviations such as holidays or socialising.

It is my belief that for life to be truly well lived you need three quintessential elements: to love, to be loved and to know passion.

Our need to love and be loved is basic, as basic as our need for food or water, without it we are empty, lonely and without purpose. The core of our person shrivels and withers.

If love is the basic ingredient in life then passion is the flavouring. Clichéd as it may sound it’s what adds the spice to life and tickles your taste buds enough that you will want to go back for another bite.

I know from experience how important it is to always have something to look forward to. Passion takes care of that for you; it gets your blood pumping and excites you.

You may only ever have one passion in your life, maybe you move from one passion to another or perhaps you have several passions on the go at one time. Whichever it is you won’t find passion by just thinking about it. You need to take action and find it through experience and sense.

I’ll explain. For four years, I sat and watched Molly and Lulu learn Aikido. For four years I felt like it was something I would like to try but I always found an excuse not to: I was too old, I could injure my back, I can’t kneel, I would look silly. I recognised that if I didn’t give it a go I would forever regret it. Eventually I gathered enough courage to attend some classes. I was immediately hooked. Aikido has become something I am passionate about. I look forward to classes and although all the excuses are still valid I am able to overcome them.

It may be that in time my passion for Aikdo will wane but for now I consider myself lucky to have it in my life.

I have other pursuits that if nurtured and nourished could become activities about which I am impassioned. I am at present trying to overcome the excuse that I don’t have the time I would like to put into these activites. It will happen though because I keep trying.

So get out there and give something you’ve been dying to try a go, take up a new hobby, chat with a stranger, read about what others are doing, take an interest in others’ lives, and get out of the house. You never know what you may encounter or discover you really like doing.

What passions have you discovered in your life? What have you been secretly dying to try?



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