For those of you that don’t know that means “Oh my god, dear daughter, I love you more each day.” LOL

One of the necessities of being the parent of a tween in 2013 is having a good text translation dictionary.

Molly Blog

In a few months Molly will be thirteen. She is a bright, intelligent, beautiful girl who has a brilliant future ahead of her.

The other day when cleaning in her room I found these pieces of writing:

Everything’s changing.

It feels like I’m stuck in the chaos, not really part of it, but just drifting along, helpless, unable to stop any of those changes from occurring.

I try to lean on things, to trust them, to help keep my balance, but my hand falls through every time.

I think maybe she could be talking about the chaos in her bedroom. It’s like the Bermuda triangle. Things go in and are never seen again and god’s sake don’t lean on anything in there.

I honestly can’t keep up. It feels like a race with no finishing line. Sometimes I’m running perfectly in pace with most, but some slip behind. Sometimes I’m way ahead of everybody, sometimes way behind. It’s constantly changing, that pace and it’s the most frustrating and difficult part of life as I know it. I have urges every second of everyday to be able to control it. But the truth is no one can. It is an uncontrollable force.

Very Virginia Woolf.


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