Ode To The Christchurch I Love

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This is a post I wrote just after the Christchurch earthquakes.

Over four years after the earthquakes and Christchurch, it’s well on it way to being rejuvenated. It is becoming a trendy, light airy city with a fabulous energy. The scars still remain but there is now hope…

I’ve just arrived back from visiting with family and friends in Christchurch, New Zealand, where I went for a tour around the worst earthquake hit areas. It was a truly shocking and emotional journey.

Where once tall buildings stood now there is carparks and rubble. There is a clear view of the city to the hills beyond. Only a handful of tall buildings still stands, like drunken sentinels, awaiting their inevitable fate.

I walked the familiar route I took every morning on my way to work. There is nothing of that time left.

No beautiful stone church I used to admire;

Occidental Hotel where I had the best Baked Alaska ever and where sometimes called into at night with my friends to see Dwayne Franks strut his comedic stuff;

beauty salon where I spent a fortune building my tan (and probably setting up skin cancer) on the tanning beds;

gym where I worked very hard trying to keep the weight off.

All those memory-containing-buildings were obliterated, destroyed, wiped out. I can’t even tell where they used to stand. The memories remain but for how long without the landmarks to remind us?

I went shopping. Not in shops built of bricks and mortar but in shipping containers. There were cafes with upstairs balconies, designer boutiques, coffee bars and even a trendy grocery store, all doing a roaring trade.

Ode To The Christchurch I Love

It seems out of the chaos, and confusion comes amazing thought and ingenuity.

These are places that won’t crack or fall down. They feel safe, solid and yet somehow manage to project permanence and sincerity.

Once a city where I knew exactly where I was, where I was going and the best way to get there, now I feel disoriented and lost.

We walked past an art installation. It was 185 white chairs, each one a different design each one symbolising a life lost in the quakes.

Ode To The Christchurch I Love

Before returning to Christchurch I was feeling disconnected from my home city, as though I no longer belonged now my time there has renewed my connection.

I don’t bear the scars of those dreadful days, and I haven’t lost friends, family or my home. I have friends and family who have been to hell and back. Through them, I can feel the deep sense of loss and pain.

The buildings that held special memories for me are gone and in their place will be new buildings that I have no connection too, but they are in a city I will always hold in my heart.

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