This  was on our door step. My immediate thoughts were it must be for someone else. No one in the house is having a birthday, it’s not yet mothers day and I don’t remember doing anything worthy of gratitude the size of this gift basket.


The card revealed all. It is from our neighbour to thank us for collecting his mail when he goes away. To do this we have to walk a whole twenty meters from our gate, open his letter box and walk a whole twenty meters back. Not exactly a test of our abilities.

Such a lovely gesture. Now the six pack we gave him for collecting our bins seems a little on the wrong side of miserable. Notwithstanding, it is nice to have a neighbour you feel able to ask to collect your mail and watch your house while you are away.

The people on the other side have no clue about cooperative relationships between neighbours as evidenced by the really bad, really loud piano playing till all hours of the night and the awful fountain that gives that lovely Niagra falls effect right next to the bedrooms. There’s also the trees along the fence line which we offered to pay to have replaced. Rainbow Lorikeets roost in them and regale us with their dawn chorus every morning, and I am here to tell you it’s not soothing. The offer was met with disdain and the statement that they “liked the sounds of the birds”. So we went out and bought a bird scarer that emits the most dreadfully high pitched sound. So far it seems to work and if it annoys the neigbours also I only have one word. Karma.

Do you have nice neighbours?



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