Mother’s Morning Tea

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This is the event of the year for Molly’s school. It is a day to celebrate the mothers of the All Hallows community. One thousand women get together to celebrate mothers. The huge collection of bone-china teacup and saucer sets is the star of the show. We spotted one that went back to the 1930’s.

Mothers Morning Tea Blog1505072


Mothers Morning Tea Blog1505071

This would have to be my favourite, no wait, whats that one over there…

My set on the day

My set on the day

Please excuse the poor photos, my phone takes ridiculously lousy photo’s and unless I can fix it soon will be getting the flick.

Regrettably the anticipation of the day does not include the food, which is usually sandwiches, rolls, scones and a selection of cakes. I go for the good company and the guest speaker. For me it is about the spirit of the event, there is something empowering about being in a room with around a thousand other mother’s.

I could possibly have asked for a special plate but it is not like I am just gluten free so rather than have some member of the kitchen staff pulling his hair out and calling me the scourge of the earth I say nothing.

Have you been in a situation where you feel awkward mentioning what you can and can’t eat? I find very often that people don’t understand and write me off as ‘that difficult person on some bizarre diet’.  I would rather be remembered for my scintillating company than what I do and don’t eat.

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