Morning Dose of Gloop

Morning Dose of Gloop

This is how we start the morning in our house.  We call it gloop.

You might know it as a smoothie.

Since we have started drinking these in the morning I know I have far more energy.  Of course it’s always difficult to say for sure if it’s the smothie dishing out that energy but why change a winning formula?

Recipe for four

2 bananas

1 ripe avocado

1/2 cup pomegranate juice

Handful of spinach leaves

Trim Milk – use as much as needed to make up to four glasses

Blend all ingredients together.

We used a stick blender for a while but now have a super duper blender which cost more than my whole wardrobe but does a great job on our morning dose of gloop.

The recipe is totally flexible. You can substitute the leaves for kale, cress, or similar. Berries are great to add. The pictured gloop has some blueberries in it which of course are a great anti-oxidant.  I add a teaspoon of ground ginger to mine for its anti-inflammatory properties.

I recommend giving this a go.  As well as being good for you it tastes good.


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  1. Leslie 5 years ago

    Hi Jane,
    We have managed to get hold of some bee pollen from a apiculturist
    which we have now added to our gloop.
    It just keeps getting better!!
    Bee Pollen has the following qualities.
    20 -35% Protein
    22 amino acids
    12 vitamins
    28 Minerals
    11 Enzymes and beneficial fatty acids
    Now we call it Super Gloop!!

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