Moon Walk

Moon Walk

At 6.00 o’clock yesterday morning I was just heading out the gate on my usual morning walk with Diesel. It was just getting light when I glanced up and was completely taken aback by the magnificent, enormous, full moon that was hanging in the sky just above the tree line.

I raced back inside to get my camera in the hope I could get a decent photo to share with you. I positioned myself in a good spot and turned the camera on. Only it didn’t go on. The battery was flat. All the way around the route I take that big old moon was taunting me.

Pete charged the battery for me so I was all set for the next day.

Today I took off for my walk, camera in hand. The moon was not quite as good but I had a nice shot of it through the trees so I pressed the shutter and at the exact same moment remembered I hadn’t put the battery back in. Looks as though sharing a shot of the moon with you this time round is a bit like that luxury holiday home on a tropical island, not going to happen!



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