Midwinter Christmas

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Midwinter Christmas, a good excuse to indulge in good food and wine and to catch up with family. I wasn’t about to make it easy though, I wanted a turkey and at this time of year that was going to be a challenge.

Aldi, Coles and Woolworths had nothing.  Several of the large butchers around had nothing. A phone call turned up a butcher south of us who had a turkey but it was a size 48. I wasn’t feeding all of Brisbane so it seemed a little on the large side but what the heck my heart was set on turkey so we’d make it work even if it meant cutting it in half to get it into my diminutive oven.

On the way out the door I suggested that my sister call into our local butcher just in case they had a turkey hidden away and low and behold they did. They had to completely rearrange the shop to get it from the bowels of the freezer but it was so going to be worth it. After consideration of the first turkey we bought home we ironically decided we needed a larger one so it was back to rearranging the butcher shop to get the next size up.

With the pre prep finished and the tree decorated complete with presents we relaxed and looked forward to the big day.

Bain_Midwinter_Christmas_tree_06_13 (3)

Half the fun of Christmas for me is in the preparation of the food and having everyone involved. I find it a great way to relax and chat. We all had a hand in the hors d’oeuvres and once finished the champagne cork was popped.

Bain_Midwinter_Christmas_hors d'oeuvres_06_13 (4)

Family started arriving and good news and bad was shared before lunch was served.

Margaret, Leslie and Ally deep in conversation

Margaret, Leslie and Ally deep in conversation

Then it was on to the serious business of opening the ten dollar secret Santa with a prize going to the most unique. The prize went to my sister with a book called ‘I Need A New Bum’. The first line of this book reads “I need a new bum! Mines got a crack. I can see in the mirror a crack in the back.” It was always going to be a winner but the reading given by Margaret rendered it memorable.

After dessert and presents we played a list of funny You Tube skits. Here are the the funniest.

This last one may only appeal to Aussies and Kiwis but the kids are cute so it’s worth a look.

Is midwinter Christmas a tradition in your family or is it hard enough to face it once a year?

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