Mangawhai Sling

When we travel, our visits to the Duty Free liquor store always involve a great deal of deliberation. Not over whether to buy or not. As sure as the Pope is a catholic we buy something. No the deliberation is over what to buy.

This time among other things we decided on gin.

Pete has taken a liking to gin lately. A late comer I know but now one of the ‘widows ruin’ club. He has been researching the different cocktails he could make.

On Christmas eve, when we queried him about what exciting concoction he could create for us we were disappointed that he lacked the ingredients we needed.

After taking stock of what we did have available to us we concocted this cocktail which we have named ‘Mangawhai Sling ‘ Mangawhai is pronounced mang-a-why and is a beautiful spot on the east coast north of Auckland.

Cocktail_Auckland_12 (1)

Mangawhai Sling

  • Put plenty of ice into a tall tumbler and add:
  • 30 mls Gin
  • 60 mls pomegranate juice
  • Top up with sparkling lime soda
  • A slice of lime or lemon and a sprig of mint

Tips for enjoying this cocktail:

  • Enjoy with friends.
  • DO NOT drink too fast or simple things like standing and walking in a straight line could become a challenge.
  • Two in less than an hour and you will not be picking up the mother in-law as you promised which will cause confusion for everyone as sober drivers are disappearing fast. Also you do not want to offend your mother-in-law.
  • Do not play cards after drinking more than one sling as dealing and following suit proves more than a little difficult which apparently can be an irritant to those playing with you.


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