Looking Through A Kaleidoscope

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Finally I get to sit and write. It has been a crazy time.  I’m using the word crazy here loosely though. The dictionary didn’t have quite the right descriptive word but I could liken it to what you would see looking through a kaleidoscope while high on some mind bending drug. Not that I would know what that was like at all.

This ‘crazy’ time has gone on for over four weeks now and is only now settling down.

The patterns in this kaleidoscope are sometimes pretty, sometimes spectacularly beautiful and sometimes downright ugly.

The first pattern was Lulu breaking her arm, a sickening accident that had us all going to hell and back several times. I would definitely rate this pattern as ugly.

Next was the arrival of my sister Leslie and her partner Alison from New Zealand. Oh look you guys isn’t that a pretty pattern?

Then it was Pete and I leaving to go to New Zealand for a week. Oh my god this pattern is so pretty I could just eat it.

While in New Zealand we had a party to celebrate my fiftieth birthday. It was attended by many friends from past and present.  We had a fabulous time which was largely due to the effort made by my dear friend Carole. It was one of those gifts that kept on giving because our time in Akaroa with was extremely relaxing with lots of laughs and great times shared with fabulous friends. Can this pattern get any more spectacular? I doubt it.

We arrived back home to find the house looking great and to two very happy children thanks to their aunties Leslie and Ally. We then spent five fabulous days enjoying each other’s company before seeing them off back to their own home in Greymouth, New Zealand. This pattern is a lovely one with maybe just a dash of grey.

So we have had the best and worst of times in a kaleidascope of feelings and images.

Carole and me with the very yummy coffee, walnut and rum cake she made.

Cutting that gorgeous cake.

There was a lot of dancing and singing to songs past. This picture doesn’t quite capture the fun we had doing so.

Pete in full flight telling a joke during the speeches.


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  1. What great photos!!!! Thank you both so very much for the invite to come up to akaroa. It was just so great to catch up with you both of course a really great nite at the yacht club. Very special weekend. Xx

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