Life Is Just A String Of Moments

Yesterday I was sitting on the couch at home while mum was teaching me how to knit. I took my eyes off mum for a minute to concentrate on what I was doing and when I looked back she was gone and thirty eight years had hurtled by.

Molly knitting

Molly has taken her place on the couch and it’s me doing the teaching. If the cycle continues I’ll be eighty eight when Molly is teaching her daughter how to knit. Now, I know there are a lot of variables there: Molly may have children much younger than I did, she may not have a daughter, she may not have a daughter who wants to know how to knit (wise kid) and I may be counting worms by then.

However it turns out for us I am constantly reminded of how life is just a string of moments and if I don’t remain present I will miss them.

Here’s another ‘Molly moment’.

Molly running'


How can anybody look that happy about running?

This was her school’s cross-country. She runs quite well but has no confidence in her own ability. Just a few tweaks here and there and she could be very good. Maybe tuck in those elbows and perhaps tie back the hair (a constant source of irritation to me).

She came tenth and is first reserve to go to the districts, we are very proud of her effort.


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