Kitchen Saftey

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When I finally made it out to the kitchen this morning I found Lulu trying to cut up a carrot for her lunch.  She, with the one arm in plaster had her hand wrapped around a carrot and was attacking it with a serrated bread knife.

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I couldn’t believe it, I must be making some kind of impact on these kids that they will actually go to the fridge and get a carrot out for their lunch. Is that even normal? Carrots would be my last choice.

OK OK, I am sure the child protection service’s phone is ringing off the hook with do-gooders dobbing on me. Keep your knickers on, I took the knife off her and cut it up myself while giving her a lecture on kitchen safety.

OMG, a carrot you guys!


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  1. yeah Carrots are normal, gemma still packs them for her lunch nd she is 15 now been doing it since primary school, wonder if it helps her see in the dark!

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