Keeping Up With Your Progeny

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Keeping up with your progeny can at times leave you feeling a little inadequate.

I am lucky enough to have a good camera but it takes a fair bit of understanding to get the best shots. Even allowing for the fact that I couldn’t tip water out of a boot with instructions written clearly on the heel, I still manage to take some reasonable photos. Although after half a lifetime of hours on the internet I have still only managed to gain a basic knowledge.

While we were on holiday recently Lulu decided to pick the camera up and have a go at taking a few photos.  I stress I didn’t know she had the camera. This piece of equipment in the hands of a mini Rambo who also happens to be the reason we continually have to replace glasses and plates in our house is an expensive disaster waiting to happen. 

When she brought the camera to me to show off her photos it was a while before I could actually see them owing to the fact that the excess blood racing around my head was clouding my vision. Once my sight returned I was amazed at how well she had done. She has listened to what I have told her and in my amateur opinion has a good eye for composition.

Christmas Table

Christmas table

Molly_Taken by Lulu Blog

Portrait of Molly

Any smugness I might have been feeling about being able to conquer this camera enough to take a decent photo is now dripping down my face and looking distinctly like egg.


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