Just Call Me The Wily Opportunist

I loathe grocery shopping and I loathe putting the grocery shopping away even more. So, when I get the opportunity to have help packing the groceries away I jump at it however I need to be fairly wily to recognise those opportunities when they come along. Packing_Groceries_Blog

The girls both wanted to go to the mall to spend some gift vouchers they had. That, right there, is what I call a golden opportunity and if they wanted me to do something for them well they would have to help me out first.

The groceries were put away in double quick time.  We had a lovely time shopping at the mall. They don’t ever need to know that I  had intended to go to the mall anyway. Just call me ‘the wily opportunist’.

Now that huge pile of ironing I have at home. I wonder if the girls are keen to see the latest exhibit at the Art Gallery, or perhaps a visit to the beautician…


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