Just another Lulu post!

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This is the Lulu-debris that I picked up from one tour of the house. It sometimes looks as if a giant toy box had its own little super nova scattering its innards in and around our home.

Now I just gather it up, dump it on the offender’s bed and let them know if its not cleaned up soon I’ll put it away. This involves a plastic bag and rubbish bin. Both Lulu and Molly know this so the mess is usually cleaned up fairly quickly.

I can sense some of you with pursed lips and muttering “They should have been made to pick it up themselves. That’s what I would have done.”

Your probably right but my parenting manual seems to be missing the pages about teaching kids to pick up after themselves.  Sometimes I like to take the easy road and I am pretty sure I won’t be the only mother to have done that.

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