It Was A Dark And Stormy Day

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Lulu’s birthday dawned dark and stormy. Cyclone Oswald was closing in outside. Inside cyclone Lulu was winding up for her special day.

Opening presents was first on Lulu’s list for the day.

All wrapped up

All wrapped up

Opening pressies is tiring if you’re a dog.

Pete and I then took the opportunity to take Diesel for a walk before the weather closed in again.

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Get a load of that hair. That’s a whole cyclone going on right there.

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Then the weather really fell apart so we were forced to find inside activities for the day.

Pete_staking_tree_13 Blog

Except Pete who was busy keeping trees from blowing away.

Lulu_pictionary-13 Blog

“Anyone for Pictionary?” Molly and I lost abysmally so I made a hasty retreat to the kitchen.

Macarons_13 Blog

Where I whipped up some chocolate macorons. Well maybe a little less ‘whipped up’ and a little more  ‘sweated over the stove for ages’.  Lulu had requested them for her birthday dessert and how could I let her down? They weren’t the prettiest macarons I’ve ever seen but they tasted great and I was happy with my first attempt at this temperamental sweet treat.

Lulu_Peter_painting_13 Blog

While I was cooking Lulu was painting, with Pete helping to keep the paint on the canvas.

Art is something Lulu really enjoys. We’re encouraging her to develop this love as it’s a great outlet for the frustration she’s obviously feeling at being unable to participate in her beloved gymnastics.


Then it was time for tea.  Lulu’s favourite, Lasagna. NO that is not burnt on top. It is nicely caramelised. Cheese does so caramelise! Mine does anyway.

Despite the weather outside we all had a nice day especially Lulu and that was our aim.










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