Insurance Merry-Go-Round

Insurance Merry-Go-Round

Yes here he is at 6.00 in the morning having been up for an hour already going over insurance policies. Since we became property tycoons (one investment property in the burbs qualifies you as a tycoon, doesn’t it?) we decided we needed to take out some income protection and trauma insurance.

That decision was the easy part, then it’s all about getting quotes, sizing up one companies benefits against another, pulling a few teeth with pliers. In an unwritten division of duties Peter drew the short straw and is the unofficial ‘chooser of insurance companies’.

We chose the company we wanted to use and met up with one of their sales reps to make sure they could provide us with what we wanted.  Satisfied with what she had to say we left the rep to prepare a Statement of Advice. Then came the interviews to fill out the application with our medical history.

Let me tell you, I would rather play tag with a snake in long grass. My interview was 2 hours long and I was left exhausted and in desperate need of an extra large whiskey. Having strung together all the medical problems that I’ve had in the past and could have in the future I was left feeling as if I’d just endured a movie marathon of ‘The Elephant Man’, ‘Angela’s Ashes and ‘One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest’ while reclining on a bed of nails eating endless supplies of overcooked brussel sprouts. I might need counselling.

Having finished the applications Peter is doing his usual job of going over the policies with a fine toothcomb and asking questions, endless questions. He is the man in the appliance store who, having decided he is going to buy a vacuum cleaner will have three pulled apart on the floor of the store to see which one looks like the better buy. It’s a sure bet that if the agent knew what she knows now she would have run screaming for the hills at the first inkling that we were searching her out. I make no apologies for him though, I am happy in the knowledge that what ever product we end up with it will be the one that is best for us, it will be the best value for money and most of all will be at the best price that the seller can offer.

So while Peter is studying the policies I am doing a good job of staying well clear, I made the mistake of walking past the office this morning and he was all ‘this level of policy has this benefit but do we need it?’ and I was all “ I suppose we don’t really (yawn). Actually I really need to go to the toilet and if I don’t go right now I could have an accident right here on the office floor.”

We have not signed on the dotted line yet but we are close, I can feel it in my bones or is that just another medical condition that will be excluded.



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