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Last month I went to Melbourne for a long weekend with some very old friends. We hadn’t all been together in thirty years but everyone picked up where they left off. Two fabulous things I took away from the weekend were: laughter, and that wonderful feeling of being totally comfortable and connected to these people. I didn’t take many photos but these were my favourites.

Images of Melbourne blog_20131116_00004

Heaven in a tower!


Images of Melbourne blog_20131116_00001

Mall art installment

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Golliwogs. Are we allowed to call them that now?

Images of Melbourne blog_20131116_00003

Only in Melbourne would you find Freddie Mercury babushka dolls.

Images of Melbourne blog_20131116_00005

I walked past this shop window several times. It is completely mesmerizing for a sweet junkie like me.

Images of Melbourne blog_20131116_00002

A great place for a nice long lunch with wine, tulips and laughter.

Images of Melbourne blog_20131116_00008

Melbourne is the ‘Stencil Graffiti Capital’ and this is just a very small part of it.

Images of Melbourne blog_20131116_00006

Images of Melbourne blog_20131116_00007

One of Melbourne’s many lanes


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