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We have just been through a bit of a heatwave here in Brisbane. You know those people who seem to manage to stay cool, and together no matter what the temperature is, the sort that don’t appear to have sweat glands and are always dressed immaculately. Well that’s not me.

This is an idea of how I would like to dress to cope with the heat.

This is the unfortunate reality. RIP Phyllis.

I get up early in the morning when the mercury is still at a respectable level. I do my exercise; go about my routine, shower, put on cool clothes; shorts and a singlet because as yet I haven’t been able to find anything like the dress in the photo.

I tell myself I can handle whatever the day is going to throw at me.

For a while I’m cruising.  I’m all “heat, what heat, I’m the queen of cool”

Then the mercury starts rising faster than a bank’s interest rates after a cash rate rise.  It’s not long before I’m the crazy, wild haired woman who has lost all touch with reality and perspective.

The following is research I found online about how heat affects our behaviour:

  • Heat waves are related to more violent behaviour and aggression

I guess the fact that I want to stab myself in the eye because I forgot to post a damn letter on the way home for the fourth day in a row could count as being a bit aggressive. At least I’m not stabbing the neighbour, all though the thought may or may not have crossed my mind. That piano playing at night can tighten the nerves a little.

  • Heat waves may be associated with higher drug and alcohol abuse

If I have to suffer through this type of heat I am damn well going to rehydrate myself with enough alcohol to help me cope, and there will be no stopping me or I might have to stab you in the eye.

  • Anxiety tends to decrease with a rise in temperatures

Not if Christmas is around the corner and you still haven’t found quite the right gift for Aunty Helen and you don’t know how you are meant to cook the Turkey for that early Christmas dinner with the in-laws when your oven is stuck on 150°C.

  • Depression and lowered mood tends to increase with a rise in temperatures

Curling up in a ball and sobbing because my fish cakes wouldn’t hold together could possibly be construed as ‘lowered mood’.

  • High levels of humidity — which often accompany a heat wave — lower concentration

This would be why I found myself throwing my dirty laundry down the toilet instead of into the basket today.

  • High humidity also increases sleepiness (probably related to poor sleep)

See this

  • High humidity also appears related to a lack of vigor and energy

Well that answers a few questions!

The girls cope well which is a blessing.

Myself, I am aiming at cool and together but may have to settle for hot and just holding it together.






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