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I am not usually one to care too much about Valentine’s Day, except that on this day nineteen years ago at Split Enz’s final concert in Christchurch, New Zealand I set off on a journey. O.K. CUT IT WITH THE VIOLINS!

Not the type of journey in the traditional sense of the word that includes cocktails, hotels and discovering new destinations. Not that cocktails weren’t drunk and new destinations discovered, they were.  God I love a good Margarita, that sweet, sour….bugger it doesn’t take much to distract me.

This journey was to take me around New Zealand and Australia and would take me soaring up to dizzy heights and plummeting down to horrendous lows.

At this point in the journey I am in Brisbane with Peter and our two beautiful daughters.

I say at this point because our journey endures. I don’t spend precious time wondering about journey’s that might have been if I had not gone to that concert, except perhaps the one that I always wanted to take with Liam Neeson (dramatic sigh)…

No this is where I want to be, right now, right here.  Maybe not in this house or even this city but definitely at this point with Pete and Molly and Lulu.

Our life is not idyllic, far from it but we are all committed.  That has to be a reason to celebrate, surely.

Heart Pavlova I made for celebration tea.



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