Holiday fun

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One of the most enjoyable things I have done with Molly and Lulu lately is to paint our toenails in readiness for the beach babe look.  Well they looked like beach babes I was more along the lines of beached whale, but at least I was a beached whale with pretty toenails.

Just after this photo was taken Lulu had a meltdown when the diamante on her big toe disappeared. I had to break the news that diamantes are not really made to stay on toes that are being dragged up and down fences and trees.

She calmed down when I assured her that we would all probably lose the diamantes the minute we stepped foot on the beach. We didn’t but by that time we were in holiday mode and toe decorations took a back seat to bogey boarding and sand castle building.

Here also are a few of the other photos I took while at the beach.


The never ending parade of brightly coloured beach towels.


Life saver flags

A little of the beach wildlife.

The only place where we get to see beautiful sunsets.





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