Hell In A Handbasket

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That’s what this week turned into.  It started out O.K. I ordered my new camera on Monday and it arrived on Wednesday no problems there.

When it arrived I was doing some ‘cleaning house’ on the computer as it had been running slow. I downloaded a cleaner program for $30 and watched while it cleaned up 25,000 files, registries etc… still no problems.

“Oh, you poor, wee innocent lamb” I hear you snicker to yourself.

Thursday began as one of ‘those’ days, you know the ones where everyone’s scratchy and no matter what anyone says you are so hard done by and your actions are completely JUSTIFIED and just what is everyone else even THINKING.  Multiply that by four people and you have breakfast hell.  I think the arguments began about who moved the toaster setting.  Those damn toaster-setting-fairies.

Later in the morning I sat down to clean out the e-mails before dedicating a big chunk of the day to playing with my new toy.

I realised with that sickening, sinking feeling that we were no longer receiving e-mails. I spent the rest of the day trying to fix the problem before finally succumbing and calling a computer firm to come out and help.

I opened the door to a wide eyed, young man who sat down and very kindly informed me that most of those cleaner programs are frauds and can often cause problems such as this.  He was here for an hour trying all sorts of things which didn’t work before running a simple windows repair programme. I could have done that myself in just a few minutes. He left me with my pride a little bent out of place, but not before charging like a wounded bull.

This week couldn’t get worse, could it?  Yes, yes I know, innocent lamb and all that but a girl has to have some hope!

I spent Friday morning racing back to the school with forgotten ‘show and tell’ items for Lulu and stopping off Molly’s Sports Gala day to administer headache medication which she had left at home. Half the day was gone and still no time to play with my camera.

On top of all this I am trying to lose a few kilos which is difficult as the older you are the better friends your body is with your fat. I guess it’s making me a little cranky.

By Friday night everyone’s mood had improved and I even had a play with the camera.  The weekend could be looking up…

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