Have A Happy Silent Night

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We’ve had Christmas.  Yes, tree, presents, turkey, corny jokes, bad music, the lot. This year because we will be in Auckland with family on Christmas day we had a quasi-Christmas here, in Brisbane before leaving. Well I guess the only thing ‘quasi’ was that it wasn’t on the 25th December.  Everything else was just as you would expect a Christmas day to be.

How lucky are we, all the food, laughter, drink, gifts and traditions we get to do twice this year.

The lead up to Christmas this year has been in Molly’s words ‘epic’ in my words ‘frenzied in the extreme’, between visits to doctors and physio for Lulu and preparing for Molly’s first Scout Jamboree Christmas has been lost in the fray.

The end of school typically sees us driving the length and breadth of Brisbane to sleep at go to concerts and wrap ups for various extracurricular activities and this year was no different. Then, as we’ve not had much time for anything else there has been a mad dash to get the shopping done.

For me, Christmas day marks the end of the craziness and the start of a time to slow down and reflect on the year past and dream about the year to be. Yeah Yeah, stop with the violins, I  have been known to get a smidgen philosophical so indulge me, it’s Christmas. But I like this time to sit, breathe, relax, and enjoy a laugh and a drink with family and friends. This year we got to take a breath and slow down a little before the mad dash to the finish line.

As we have grown as a family, tradition and times past have become important. We like to talk about how it was for us when we were small and how our parents celebrated.  We gradually build our own traditions however trifling they may seem.

Stoping to breathe gives us more time to appreciate things.

Christmas tree

This isn’t our tree but like our tree it isn’t preciously decorated in colours to match the decor. It is trimmed with special decorations that have been collected over the years and have meaning.


The crackers are homemade with a little more thought than the shop bought variety.

table flowers

Flowers from the garden decorate the table.

seafood cocktail

The glasses holding the prawn cocktails were bought for Peter’s mother by her father as part of her dowry. She took them to New Zealand in the 50’s and here they are now in Australia with her daughter. The prawn cocktail is from the eighties.  Well not that particular prawn cocktail because that would have made us all sick but the concoction or design certainly came from there and I am not sure it should have made it into the 2010’s but I have to say those prawns were delicious.


What can I say, cherry tart and trifle it doesn’t get much better that this.


One of my more recent traditions.  No No, not tying the girls up in lights and gagging them, what do you take me for that’s stuff of my dreams only.  I like to send out a Christmas photo and this is this years.


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