Tomorrow, Molly is going to a welcome afternoon at the HIGH SCHOOL she will be attending in the New Year.

HIGH SCHOOL people!  I think that demands caps. Damn it!  HIGH SCHOOL!

I am so completely in denial.  Firstly I am way too young to have a child in high school and while you pick yourself up off the ground where you were rolling around laughing I’ll tell you that secondly I only just dropped her off for her first day at school, like, the day before yesterday. How can she possibly be going to high school already?

Molly ready for year 7 camp

Molly ready for year 7 camp

Seriously though there is a heady mix of excitement mixed with a hint of nervousness in the air. The next few months are a turning point in Molly’s life. She has her graduation from primary school, her last end of year breakup with her mates, her thirteenth birthday and of course her first day at high school.

I am both loving it and hating this time. While I enjoy looking at graduation dresses with her; planning a party for her; watching her try on her new uniform, I lament the passing of her time as a young girl.

Coming of Age Blog 2

As she passes into womanhood I am hunched with the burden of the troubles that she will surely endure but somewhat covetous of the wonderful discoveries and experiences I know she will have.

I see tears in my future, so break out the life jackets because I am going to cry an ocean in the next few months. I weep like a widow every year at final assembly when the seventh formers sing, how am I ever going to cope having one of my daughters be one of them?

Bon Voyage Molly, our hearts are with you on the journey into your future.





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