Godzilla on Speed

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Molly and Lulu have just had their 11th and 8th birthdays, respectively.

I had thought that this year we would have a nice picnic in the park and invite some of their friends along with their families.  Nice and easy, everyone brings their own food and I would bring the good stuff; artificial colours, sugar and preservatives.  The stuff you don’t mind feeding other kids as long as they’re going home to their parents.

All sounds nice and easy, and mess or fuss.  How I ended up with 12 kids at our house I will never know. These arrangements seem to have a way of morphing into something completely removed from the lovely picture I start with in my head.  I am only just coming to realize that I am a babe in arms when it comes to recognising a slick manoeuvre played by my two highly trained combat specialists.

So having just arrived back from New Zealand late on the Tuesday I had until Saturday to get back into some sort of routine and organise some food and games for the party.  Let me just say by the time Saturday rolled round I was Godzilla on Speed.  Molly and Lulu were starting to doubt the wisdom of a party at home.

It’s one of those things though. Once you’ve done all the prep you are pretty much free to relax and enjoy aside of the fact that you have 12 kids to supervise. Not to worry they were super fine once I gave them each a spade and told them there was an iPod buried somewhere in the garden with the finders name on it. While they were looking I had time to put my feet up and enjoy a nice glass of chardie.  Kidding! No really I’M KIDDING!

Actually it was good fun and I like to think the kids enjoyed themselves. In case you are looking for food ideas here’s a list of what we had:

  • Mini homemade pizzas
  • Sushi (not homemade)
  • Heart shaped fairy bread
  • Savouries (also not homemade)
  • Fruit and marshmallow skewers
  • Lots of lollies
  • Chips and dip

The cake was a bit of a disaster really. The girls wanted a chocolate bombe cake.  I had the idea to layer chocolate mousse, chocolate cake and chocolate ice cream all coated in chocolate crackle.  Let me just warn you CHOCOLATE MOUSSE FREEZES HARDER THAN A BRICK OUTHOUSE!  It might pay to do the first two layers of ice cream and cake then add the mousse, freeze for a very short time and turn out once mousse has set.  It all ended O.K. though and once softened a little there seemed to be no complaints.

Watching Molly and Lulu was heart-warming.  They really have a fabulous group of friends who are fun and supportive. It was a pleasure to play host to them all.  Here are just a couple of pictures of the day.

Pass-the-parcel victor!

Maybe not the victor this time but still happy.

“And that is for not breaking open on my last turn.”

Brick out-house disguised as a chocolate bombe!

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