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Last weekend Pete was away in New Zealand so it was just the girls and me, on the town looking for a good time. Of course with a nine and a twelve year old a good time is a mite tamer now than approximately thirteen years ago.

Immediately after all the Saturday ‘must-dos’ such as Netball, Aikido, walking the dog, showers and washing we took off to the mall to have lunch and hit the shops. God I remember the days when I could be at the shops by the time they opened and leave when the last shop was closed. Now half the day is gone before I can even think of freedom.  By the time we had lunch it was already gone three o’clock so the damage to the plastic was trifling. Still it is nice to be trying on clothes and window shopping together.

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We need to practice those selfies

The day ended on a bit of a sour note with Molly leaving her phone at the Mall. Thanks to the Find My Phone app the phone was found where Lulu apparently put it, on the carousel outside Woolies. A quick call to security and the phone was located and put away safely until we could pick it up, so not a complete comedown but at least an hour wasted spent looking for the thing and making calls.

Sunday we had planned to take the bikes into town to cycle around the tow path of the river eventually ending up somewhere nice for lunch. As I didn’t have any experience putting the bike carrier on the car things didn’t get off to a good start. After an hour of trying, to no avail, we gave up. We managed to get the girls bikes in the back of the Prado and I hired a bike in town.  A great system really, $2 for the day got me a bike not to dissimilar to my own which I could pick up or drop of at any bike point around the city and there are a lot of them.


All looking particularly stylish in our new purchases we took off along the river on the bikes. The day was spectacular with not a cloud in the sky. We biked for about 45 mins at a leisurely pace stopping at one of the many eateries along the river for a well-earned wine and lemonades. Although after a glancing at the cocktail menu a little too late I was having ‘drink envy’.

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Next time I think I’ll be partaking in a little cobbler to fortify me for the return ride.

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Those selfies are getting worse

We arrived home tired but happy and after showers settled in with pumpkin soup, soda bread and a movie.

If I had the choice of hitting the town like I used to or spending the time with Molly and Lulu I would definitely choose the latter. We had a fabulously girly time and I got to get up in the morning not feeling like death and my memory intact.


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  1. Hi Jane, the girls are georgou, growing up fast.
    What a special time to have with them.
    Treasure every moment because its like ablink and they are leaving home. getting married and having there own children.
    You look just the same.
    Take care love Tania xx

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