Fiesta Forever

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Two weeks ago we went to Molly’s and Lulu’s school fête and since then I haven’t posted a blog with any substance. Not due to any life changing, momentous event but for downright boring reasons which I will expand on in a later post.

For now I want to talk about school fêtes, fairs, fiestas, carnivals, galas whatever label you want to use for these events. Parents all over the country are in fiesta overload spending obscene amounts of money on chocolate wheels, show bags, Dagwood dogs and candy floss.

These events keep kids entertained for hours while all around the school there are parents helping on stalls or sitting around with dazed expressions longing for the end to come.

Are the fetes organised to celebrate the school and its students or with the sole purpose of raising money? I think perhaps it is more of the latter but in the process of finding ways to lighten parent’s wallets the children become involved. By the time the day arrives the levels of excitement are at the “CALM DOWN OR WE WILL NOT BE GOING TO THE FETE!” stage. Somehow they manage to keep a lid on it until you get there and before you can say “Which way to the cake stall?”  they’re gone. That is if you are lucky enough to have kids old enough to go off with their friends otherwise bad luck, I’m afraid your time will be spent standing around in varying stages of soul sucking tedium while you wait for your little darling to go down the giant slide for the thousandth time.

Despite having spent enough to possibly get the country out of deficit it is nice to see the kids having a good time. If they’re Lulu’s age they will be racing from one ride to the next with barely a glance at the food stalls or sideshow alley. For Molly it is a completely different experience, it’s more about trying to look cool and indifferent and certainly not showing too much eagerness to get to the next ride.





It’s also nice to see the kids showcasing various school activities although I’m not one to pretend to enjoy watching other people’s kids perform; I would rather a poke in the eye with a candyfloss stick.

At the end of the day if the school can make some money to benefit the kids while the kids have a good time then that’s got to be a good thing.

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