Fashion Or Just Plain Weird ?

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Glasses with no lenses in them, are they fashion or just plain weird? 

When I was young and going into battle with Mum and Dad over what I wanted to wear I swore I would never question my children’s taste in clothes. I wanted them to develop their own sense of fashion, within reason though. They won’t be leaving the house in fishnets and a boob tube anytime soon.

Lulu has her own particular style and will usually pick on one particular piece and wear it to death, as seen here with this hat.

A cub and her scones

A cub and her scones

And here.


And here.

Lulu_Fashion_13 (4)

It’s not a hat I would wear, and I would probably question Lulu’s tendency to wear it absolutely everywhere but I get it. I remember my Ugg boots which had to fall apart before I stopped wearing them. and who could forget stirrup pants, denim overalls, leg warmers, huge shoulder pads. I wore them all at some point and was firmly ensconced in the ranks of the fashion tragics. I cannot however, try as I might, understand glasses with no lenses in them. I just don’t get them. Are hearing aids going to be the next big thing in fashion, or perhaps Zimmer frames in bright cheery colours?

Lulu_Fashion_13 (2)

True to my word though, I haven’t said a thing. I do sense a little doubt however, as the glasses are not worn outside the house. Which, despite my doubts about their legitimacy in the fashion world, I find a little sad as I enjoy seeing Molly and Lulu display enough courage to be individuals.

What things do your kids wear that you bite your tongue about?



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