Fashion And Friendship

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Two of Lulu’s favorite things to do: eat homemade hamburgers and watch T.V.

For this special occasion Lulu is wearing her Chatterbox PJs with the new puffer vest I bought her.

I suspect this vest will become part of her everyday wardrobe: pink vest and PJ’s, pink vest and Aikido Gi, pink vest and leotard, pink vest and party outfit. At the end of winter I won’t have to worry about getting this vest off her to wash, as by then it will walk to the washing machine all on its own!

A few days after this picture was taken we were walking to the gates of the school with our bikes when we walked past a few of Lulu’s friends. One of them yelled out  “Bye Lulu and Chris says he loves you.”

Molly said ” Hey Lulu did she say that Chris loves you?”

Whence she replied with great wisdom and solemnity “Yeah but shes only joking. We’re just friends.”

I’m mystified, what else is there for an eight year old?


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