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As a family we don’t get a lot of time to relax together. Usually when we go on holiday we stay with relations or camp with other families where a modicum of decorum is required.

We are not the Brady Bunch by a long shot but it has been an extremely difficult year and the cracks were definitely starting to show so a week away is what this family needed. Don’t judge us, this time of year is stressful for the best of families and if your family hasn’t experienced at least a little bit of weirdness during the holiday season well, you’re possibly all androids but then you wouldn’t be reading this and…never mind.

We booked a week in Sydney after Christmas so had the time leading up to Christmas to deal with the pre-Christmas rush and post-present blues before packing to head away.

The first few days were strewn with intense debates, posturing, lots of eye rolling and muttering obscenities under one’s breath before everyone settled into a groove of enjoying themselves and relaxing.

We did all the things that families do on holidays, sightseeing, loading up on carbohydrates and sugar, drinking too many beverages of the alcoholic variety, fighting over the T.V. remote, carrying jellyfish home in plastic containers (I will explain in a later post).  O.K. I concede perhaps we are not completely typical.

The tension did eventually disappear. Not all at once like anyone over 12 when a Justin Bieber song comes on the radio, more like a slow trickle as when ridding the kitchen of smoke after a run in with the toaster.

By the end of the holiday we were again enjoying each other’s company and interacting like a functional family should. We should be right now, at least for another week.

Here are a few of my favourite photos from the holiday period.

Definitely up too early!

Definitely up too early!

Photo bombing at its best

Photo bombing at its best

Holiday Blog_20131227_00003


All sweetness and light

All sweetness and light

Holiday Blog_20131228_00006


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