Easy Biking For Old Ladies

Easy Biking For Old Ladies

Well thats it! I’m finally there. I have a bike that would be at home in the stands at the local retirement home.  Next I’ll be dribbling into my bib while some kind dear feeds me pureed vegies.

I used to have a bike like this when I was biking to school some fourty years ago. No gears, huge heavy frame but that was because there wasn’t much choice then.  Now I have choice and I choose this. The phrase ‘full circle’ comes to mind.

Here’s the thing though.  This bike has eight gears which you can change with a simple twist of the handle. An internal hub so you no worrying about when you need to change gear and no weight.  I can lift this thing easily.

The low crossbar means it’s easy on and easy off.  For old ducks like me that means no injuries from falling off when your foot gets caught under the crossbar which comes up round your chin. I am sure many an early morning walker has been entertained with my uncoordinated mounting and dismounting antics.

The basket on the back well that was something I wanted, the girls back packs for school fit in easily or if Diesel can get over his girly fear of anything different I could take him for a ride.

The only difference that I could possibly do without is the cost.  Buying a bike now is a major capital purchase. My old bike I bought second hand with money from a couple of baby sitting jobs.


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